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(HED) PlAnEt EArth議ゞFAllEn〃 梧簡

梧爆兆:Ifo 梧返:(Hed) Planet Earth 廨辞:(Hed)Pe Hed p.e - I.F.O.'床蓑琢喝'Q:21281770 Somewhere, somehow, somewhen We'll see it happen again, my friend A simple visitation gone wrong like back in '47 Only this time we'll be on

FallenYour light face like the sun on the storeI saw you let me flashWhere is the girl like you used to beJust stay you come to beYou tell all my whole brother are doubtThat is so why you areNo one make me feel like you doAll i want is

梧爆兆:Firsty梧返:(Hed) Planet Earth廨辞:(Hed)Pehed p.e - Firsty'床蓑琢喝'Q:21281770you want me to give a showi don't really want toyou want to impressi don't really need towho the fuck are you?where the fuck did you come from?

梧爆兆:Schpamb梧返:(Hed) Planet Earth廨辞:(Hed)Pehed p.e - Schpamb'床蓑琢喝'Q:21281770G.I. Joe boyMonkey suit manShamu, 5.0, flatfootMake less money than a damn school teacherIgnorant redneckSqueal, squeal, squealI'

梧爆兆:Planet Earth梧返:Duran Duran廨辞:Original Hits - DrivetimePlanet Earth (Single Version)Duran DuranOnly came outside to watch the night fall with the rainI heard you making patterns rhymeLike some new romantic looking for the tv

梧爆兆:Dangerous梧返:(Hed) Planet Earth廨辞:BlackoutJoshua James - DangerousThe TV's blaring,The radio is turned up loudMaybe then I'll sleep well,Maybe then I'll drown you out.Cuz I don't want to think muchI don' t want to

梧爆兆:The Fallen 梧返:crematory 廨辞:Believe Crematory The Fallen Believe Newborn from fire and ashes Dwelled with the storm and the wind He fought with courage and vigor Determined to step up to - up to love Fall away-Fall behind-Fall

梧爆兆:Planet Earth 梧返:Col. Bruce Hampton & The Aquarium Rescue Unit 廨辞:Col. Bruce Hampton & The Aquarium Rescue Unit 仝planet earth々 梧:浅爽みな 恬簡:浅爽みな 恬爆:浅爽みな 園爆:榊咄 (まど)の翌(そと)

I wanna know 厘勣岑祇I wanna know 厘勣岑祇I wanna know 厘勣岑祇Yeah, I wanna know (I wanna know) 厘誨岑祇I wanna know 厘勣岑祇You had me fooled 低宸劔嘲的厘You were so good at that 低頁泌緩羌母I'm so unglued 厘泌緩伉軍吭岱

梧爆兆:Melancholy梧返:Iced Earth廨辞:The Blessed And The Damned (Best Of Iced Earth)Chanson: Melancholy (Holy Martyr)Artiste: Iced EarthMake the sadness go awayCome back another dayFor years I've tried to teachBut their eyes are



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