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翻译: every day and every hour

我们要珍惜每一分每一秒。 翻译如下: We should treasure every minute and every second. 重点词汇释义 珍惜cherish; treasure; value

Even if hope is very slim, I won't give up. Treasure every moment that you have with you. Strive to become excellent.

健康是最大的财富. Health is the greatest wealth.

Every second of time is a treasure to us.

Treasure everyone around you, because you never know tomorrow and the accident which comes faster.

开心也是一天,不开心也是一天。所以要开心过每一天。 英文直译,翻译为:Happy day is a day,unhappy day is also a day.Therefore,should be living every day happily. 文艺一些的翻译是:It's a day no matter you happy or not,so be sure...

Every day is a happy day when I am with you.

英文原文: I will take one for each kind. 英式音标: [aɪ] [wɪl] [teɪk] [wʌn] [fɔː; fə] [iːtʃ] [kaɪnd] . 美式音标: [aɪ] [wɪl] [tek] [wʌn] [fɚ] [itʃ] [ka...

be compared to compare A with B 将两者对比, compare A to B讲A比作B


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