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匯俳脅珊短嗤潤崩厘断議絞並嘉胡胡蝕兵。 鍬咎頁Everything has not been over while our tale is just begining. 盾瞥 everything 哂[ˈevriθɪŋ] 胆[ˈɛvriˌθɪŋ] pron. 耽周並麗; 恷嶷勣議叫廉; ...

購噐厘断議絞並嘉胡胡蝕兵. 鍬咎頁 The story about us is just beginning.

麗囂は兵まったばかりだ 壓google議壓澤咎。 暴器のスト`リはやっとちょうど兵まります 壓yahoo議壓澤咎。 http://www.kk8000.com/ca/fanyi.html

恷仇祇議鍬咎頁 It's over between us.

低挫 嶄 猟採卉乃長癖 晩 猟宰 たちの麗 囂 峠邪兆困錣燭靴燭舛里發里たり 袋瀧咄wa ta si ta ti no mo no ga ta ri ---- 錬李嬬校逸欺低。

Has our story come to the end? No, it's just about to begin.

圻栖峪嗤壓知戦厘断議絞並嘉氏頼胆 The original only in the dream our story will be perfect 圻栖峪嗤壓知戦厘断議絞並嘉氏頼胆 The original only in the dream we will perfect the story

우리의 얘기가 아직 긴다는 것을 내가 믿고 있다.

圻猟‐厘断議絞並匆氏載胆/ 鍬咎‐우리의 이야기도 아름다울거에요/ !!!!!!!! 錬李斤低嗤逸廁

This onc right here gocs ous to my one and only This is our story 厘断議絞並 壓厘勣蟹竃厘断議絞並岻念 厘峪詼客讃 斤音軟 斑厘御盆低 豊頁DJ Witness 雑雑巷徨 厘No way蒸斤音頁 I¨m not a playa 耽爺算倖瀧徨 I don¨t do that 蒸斤音頁...


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