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turn ...into...

put sth on sth [释义] 把…放在…上; 增加; 添加; 添上; 全部释义>> [例句]There was no entertainment provided for the last evening. make a programme of or for sth; put sth on a programme; plan or arrange sth 最后一晚没有安排正式娱乐...

be strict in sth

My point of view

Lv Yannan is my good classmate,she is very short and she has short hair,but is very beautiful,we all like her very much.She always works hard in the school,and also likes playing jumping elastic band.She is very kind and with h...

英语短语:suffer from

I have a pet, it is a puppy, it is very lovely and very interesting. Its body is white, short tail, long ears, black nose, big, long body.

我觉得可以直接加人 agree with sb(同意某人的观点或建议) 或者agree to sb's proposals(同意某人的建议)

eat out use computer half past six in America live with sb in any other evening hope/wish to do sth hope sb to do sth homestay read story for me through family in the swimming pool at home in the living room


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