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turn ...into...

instead of substitute A for B 用A取代B on behalf of 代表代替某人 in place of take the place of

be strict in sth

依我的观点 in my opinion ; In my book 只是我的观点 Just my point of view ; It was only my perspective ; Just my opinion 我的观点是 My point is that ; My point of view is that

英语短语:suffer from

11淋浴:洗澡 shower: take a bath 12刷牙 brush one's teeth 13坐公交车 by bus 14上数学课 have a math class 15下课后 after class 16到处跑 run here and there 17与某人相处得好 be well with sb. 18在某方面帮助某人 help sb. with sth. 1...

at the beginning of at the age of in the public be in trouble be interested in rather than because of thanks to be harmful to laugh at provide them with

1.John did quite well in his exams, considering how little he studied.1由于约翰没怎么花时间学习,所以他考出那个成绩还算不错。 2.All the arrangements should be completed prior to your departure.2所有安排必须在你出发前完成。 3.I ...

1First aid (n) 2. Drowning 3. Bleeding 4. Stop 5. To ensure that


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