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初中题目!求解析ThE ClothEs in thAt shop ArE( )...

This is a big supermarket at the center of town. You can easily find it. It has three storeys. The first floor has many kinds of clothes of famous brands. And the clothes covers many levels of clothing from expensive ones to common consumptions.The

Today I went to the shop in the center. I like that shop because the clothes in that shop are very fashion and also very cheap. But the nagetive thing is that, because this shop is in the centre so that there are many people and cars. so crowd. The traffic jam often happen. 有用么?

因为主语T-shirts 是复数所以用are


1. more original (有than 要用比较级)2. to come (tell sb. to do 结构)3. saved (被动语态)选择1.C 2. D 3. D

56.C依据:When I returned home and took it out of the bag,the sleeve was almost completely off.57.B信写于At 7;35 pm March 28,购物于Yesterday morning,退货于I went back to the store in the afternoon to return the shirt and exchange it for another.58.A生活情理常识.59.B依据:前面有目的:to return the shirt and exchange it for another.

The future of the shopping mall isthe shopping mall Reports of the death of the shopping mall have been greatly exaggerated….though it depends on the mall.Sure, “ghost malls” are real. Usually small town malls where occupancy has dipped low

hi, my name is ###. i am in class 1 grade 4 . i have many clothes. i have a blue shirt and blue trousers. i have many colorful clothes too. i like my yellow sweater with white skirt best. there are some red flowers and blue butterflies on the sweater. there are three cats on the skirt. oh, how beautiful they are!

答案是: The T-shirt in that clothes shop are very cheap 服装店 clothes shop 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳



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