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冰河世纪3全部音乐如下,取自片后字幕You'll Never Find Another Love Like MineWritten by Kenneth Gamble and Leon HuffPerformed by Lou RawlsCourtesy fo Philadelphia International RecordsBy arrangement with Sony Music EntertainmentYou'

1,Alone Again2,You will never find another lovehttp://m.mop.com/tracks/652868113,Walk The Dinosaurhttp://www.xihuan.me/index.php/archives/749希望能对喜欢这几首歌的朋友有帮助!

《冰河世纪3》的片尾曲是由奎因-拉蒂法主唱的《Walk the Dinosaur》,下载地址是http://www.qq163.cc/Bplay/play_49517.htm

Walk the Dinosaur

When I''''m in Berlin you''''re off to London When I''''m in New York you''''re doing Rome All those crazy nights we spend together As voices on the phone Wishing we could be more telepathic Tired of the nights I sleep alone Wishing we could redirect

Walk the Dinosaur 由Queen Latifah演唱http://seamount.6621.cn/music/1f72c653f1154334.html Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boomBoom boom acka-lacka boom boomIt was a night like this forty million years agoI lit a cigarette, picked up a monkey

walk the dinosaur 打印此页 歌手:was (not was) 专辑:what up dog Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom Boom boom acka-lacka boom boom It was a night like this Forty million years ago I lit a cigarette Picked up a monkey skull to go The sun was

新浪 乐库 搜 专辑 ICE AGE,就有Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (冰河世纪3) OST的歌曲列表, 一共44首

下载地址 http://molekei.com/audio/Gilbert%20O%20Sullivan%20-%20Alone%20Again%20(Naturally).mp3 歌曲名alone again, naturally

冰河世纪3真是超级好看诶、下面是插曲名称 在BD里搜然后就可以下载啦1Code Blue2Pregnant3Leaving the Herd4The Cavern5Magic Eggs6Egg Roll7The Cliff8Sid's Kids9Nest10Playground11Scrat Finds Furry Love12Momma13Entry to Lost


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