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第一种:关系代词引导的定语从句 关系代词所代替的先行词是人或物的名词或代词,并在句中充当主语、宾语、表语等成分.关系代词在定语 从句中作主语时,从句谓语动词的人称和数要和先行词保持一致.1)who, whom, that 这些词代替的先

She is the girl who likes singing. 她就是那个喜欢唱歌的女孩.来自团队西班牙 如满意请采纳!

1.who指人在从句中做主语 (1)TheboyswhoareplayingfootballarefromClassOne.在踢足球的男孩们是一班的. (2)YesterdayIhelpedanoldmanwholosthisway.昨天,我帮助了一个迷路的老人. 2.whom指人,在定语从句中充当宾语,常可省略.(

who,whom,whose,which,that,as,when,where,whyThat is the man who has a dog.That is the man whom the dog likes.That is the man whose dog likes him.That is the dog which

1.i love my mother who is very kind to others. 2.i want to get a new car which is bought in garmany. 3.everyone hates that man who always lies. 4.this is the university which you are going to study in.

以我现在的情况为例吧. i work in a company which produces gensets. 我在一家生产发电机的公司工作. "which produces gensets"就是"company"的定语从句. 具体给你讲一讲也可以,我的qq 345423602晚上一般会在.

There is somebody here who wants to speak to you. 这里有人要和你说话. Charles Smith, who was my former teacher, retired last year. 查理史密斯去年退休了,他曾经是我的老师. My house, which I bought last year, has got a lovely garden. 我

这就是你们上个礼拜参观过的学校吗? Is this the school that you visited last Sunday? 他有两个儿子,每一位都看起来像他. He has two sons, either of whom looks like him. 他不说令她生气的话.He said nothing that made her angry. 我们公司有

宾语从句*/1 I know what she wants to do.2 I don't think he is a clever boy.3 Larry doesn't know where to go.4 He told me (that he would) go to the college the next year 5

限定性定语从句:He is a student who never fail in exams.非限定性定从句:He is a good student,who always gets high remarks.

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