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Abstract : This article is a detailed investigation on the basis of research enterprises, and enterprises have a preliminary understanding of the current situation, Knowledge light product portfolio strategy, including product breadth, depth and density;

The conflicts in trade are always caused by the different culture. There are not only different history and tradition, but also the different ideology. To admit distinction, understand distinction and comprehend distinction can avoid misunderstand and

The 21st century, an information society, networks and the rapid development of universal human has entered the network era, beginning with

How to solve the problem of the recognition and education of the "poor students" is directly related to the effective implementation of quality education and universal education in our country. In fact, the "poor students" is just a phenomenon, not

Economic hotel concepts in the 80s of the last century in the United States, and only in recent years in China. Economic characteristics of the hotel is one of the functions to simplify its service functions concentrated at the hotel, The core sought to

By simulating a paper introduces the background of mobile wireless networks, use a powerful network modeling and simulation tools, to have OPNET -- the mobile wir

Abstract Accountant the computerization produces along with theelectronic accounting machine technology production, also willcertainly along with the elec

Fashion is a certain period of time in the community or a group of generally popular and was emulated by most of the lifestyle or behavior patterns. Every era has its own unique fashion features. In this paper, culture and fashion, apparel fashion and

In the era of knowledge economy, the enterprise culture is very important. In this paper the definition and connotation of enterprise culture and the forms, contents, features, etc, and understanding of enterprise culture characteristic of the modern

This year I will get my bachelor degree from university,but already had more than year of work experiences,during the year, I learned a lot,and also accumulated many experi



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