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trouble这个词,可以做名词,也可作动词.名词:have trouble (in) doing sth.做什么事有麻烦,困难.in trouble 处于困境之中make trouble制造麻烦get into trouble陷入麻烦动词:trouble sb.打扰某人.

a sea of troubles 困难重重 ask for trouble [口]自讨苦吃 be a trouble to 对是一个麻烦(或讨厌的人) be in troubles with 和闹纠纷 bear sb.'strouble on one's back 替某人担当责任 borrow trouble 自寻苦恼; 杞人忧天 don't trouble 别费事 get into

be in trouble: 处于困难中; [例句] I'll be in trouble if I get home late. 我回家晚了会揍的. get someone into trouble:招来麻烦;使人陷入困境 [例句] You'll get me into trouble

trouble shooter 找出问题并加以处理的人 trouble shooting 问题解答 go into trouble 遇到麻烦 have trouble doing sth 做某事有困难 have trouble with 在方面有困难 not worth the trouble 不值得费心做 put somebody to the trouble of 麻烦某人 take the trouble 不怕麻烦

1.have trouble (in)doing 做……有困难 If we have trouble doing our work, we should try to dance to another tune. 如果我们的工作遇到了麻烦,我们应该试着改变一下方法. 2.have trouble with: 同…闹纠纷;有的病痛 I have trouble with computer. 我学计算机课有困难. 3.have no trouble doing: 理所当然;没有困难做…

1. (be) in trouble 有烦事;有困难;出事;惹麻烦 2.put sb. to trouble 给某人造成麻烦;增添麻烦 3. take trouble to do sth. 不辞辛劳做某事4.have trouble with sth.有那方面困难 I often have trouble with my teeth.我常常牙痛.5.have trouble (in) doing sth.在哪方面有困难 I had a little trouble learning English grammar.我学英文语法有过一点困难.6.ask for trouble 自寻烦恼;自找麻烦 其中4,5 最常用

have trouble with sth trouble sb trouble about sth be difficult n.have difficulties (in) doing sth

trouble times= 动荡时期

don't trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. 以前老师说的.是不要自找麻烦的意思.望采纳.

get into trouble:陷入麻烦.be in trouble:处于麻烦中.望采纳


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