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求一段you work in A ClothEs shop 的双人对话

顾客和服务员waiter : Good morning, can i help you ?guset: Good morning,i would like a bag of green tea .waiter: ok ,madam ,this way please.

你看看这个合适不. And It Was So 于是情况就变成了这样 prolusion: Ladies and gentlemen, do you believe in God? Today we are going to tell a story about the Goddess. Story-teller: Long ,long ago there was a goddess. She created the mule.(

I: Hi! James, we have been in here for a long time. But now , we can make brochures about our hotel. Friend(James): Mum, That's a good idea! I: yeah, But just one thing, what type of guests do you want to attract? J: Don't you know? we always

1.A and B are friends. A is about to go shopping's talking with A and reminding him/her of the things A should buy. A: Lisa, what time is it now?B: It's almost 10:30. Are you ready now?A: Give me one second. I am looking for my purse.Bit's right

Do you prefer working with a partner or a group or alone.A:I prefer to work alone because I can enjoy my freedom and no one can disturb me.B:I don't think so. Working alone

你应该需要比较口语化的吧,我试一下:A: How's your part-time going? I remember you work for a cram school, don't you? Suffer a lot before the entrance exam?B: Yeah, I like those kids, but I am always faced with sorts of problems on the job. The

A:what's the matter with you ? 你怎么了? B:My cat is missing. 我的猫不见了. A:Oh, I thought you fell your souls! 喔,我还以为你掉了魂了! B:My soul went with the cat away. 我的魂跟着猫走了 A:Oh,My god. 噢,上帝!

现在才知道.原来能求助人的.好吧,让我想想customer:"i'm sorry to tell you that one of the shoes i bought from your shop right now is broken. "manager"oh..can you let me have a check yep,one heel fell

a:hi,happy to see you here.b:me too. which major are you?a:i'm english major. what about you ?b:i'm chinese major. how about have lunch together?a:ok.let's go.



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