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Today I go to the zoo .I see the many animals. Such as monkeys. I'm very like animals. Today I'm very happy. Tomorrow I'm going to the park. It is a nature park. I'm going to the p


进行时It's raining outside.i'm doing my homework,my dad is reading the newspaper.my mum is watching tv.grandpa is watering the flowers(浇花).grandma is washing the clothes.sisiter is listening to the music.brother is playing computer game.

I was very sleepy in the morning, so i didn't go running as usual. I had something for breakfast. My new day has begun. The results would come out today. My classmates all felt very nervous, so did I. Then one of my classmates called me, and invited

一般将来时 After there years is study ,I feel very tird . This is a good chance to plan my summer holiday . First, I want to Beijing to relax myself . Beijing is the capital of our country . And there are many place of interest there, such as the Palace

现在进行时 There are so many people in the park. A girl is taking photos with her parents. A boy is eating ice cream with her aunt. A girl is talking with his mom. Some old people is playing Taiji. S

现在进行时 1.Now,we are having a great house cleaning.Everyone is doing chores.My father is cleaning the living room.My mother is sweeping the floor.My sister is cleaning her room,My brother is taking out the trash. I am washing the dishes.

新年快乐的短语愿节日的愉快伴你一生.Seasons greetings and best wishes for the New Year.祝福您,新年快乐.Please accept my seasons greetings.请接受我节日的祝贺.To wish you joy at this holy season.Wishing

一、 一般现在时: 1.概念:经常、反复发生的动作或行为及现在的某种状况. 2.时间状语: always, usually, often, sometimes, every week (day, year, month…), once a week, on Sundays, 3.基本结构:动词 原形 (


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