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During 如果您有更多关于英语学习的问题,请至上海市普陀区长寿路404号三楼咨询。


physical 生理,物理 psychological 心理


研究生,统称graduate student或postgraduate(推荐后者);具体为分硕士、博士俩阶段 在读期间,分别说 硕士研究生:Master degree candidate,master candidate,graduate student for a Master's degree(最后太长,不推荐) 博士研究生:Doc...

It was sunny and warm today.I went to the beach near my home with my best friend Jim.It took us twenty minutes to get there by bike.We walked on the beach,played games,swam in the sea and built up a sand castle.We didn't go hom...

你好,很高兴为你解答。 This morning, in clear weather, sunny. We're a family to public plazas kites. Dad took a balloon, it is small in kite behind tail and used to increase its resistance. Mom with the hand a kite, I tightly p...


Firecrackers less a year of environmental protection Speaking of the Chinese new year, almost all of the heads are immediately think of red lanterns, festive firecrackers. Firecrackers already became Chinese traditional culture...


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