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应该是“what do you usually get birthday gift?”

What do you usually get as your birthday present?Many books

不能用What do you usually get as you birthday present(gift)..这样很没有礼貌的,如果别人没有送给她好的东西,他说我就得到一些布娃娃这样,他会很尴尬的..英语忌讳让直接问对方什么..但是你可以委婉一点What do they always give you as birthday present?What the people around you always give you as birthday present?如果你对中国人说,或者一些老外说,这样也是勉强可以的.What do you usually get as your birthday present?

翻译作文 一个礼物 我生日的时候收到过很多的礼物.但是我最喜欢一本叫做《最美丽的英语》的书.他是我母亲去年去年送给我的.我喜欢在空余时间读他.从书上,我学到了这个世界充满美丽和爱.我也知道人们应该互相帮助,彼此理解且互爱.我认为我将伴随着书长大,因为他不仅仅是一本书,而且也是我母亲深的爱

He always gives me something special for my birthday.

I want to buy something personalized as her birthday gift

I gave a book to my friend as a gift.

When I was on my 8th birthday,my father sent a CD to me. My father know that I love music. So it becomes my favourite birthday present. Whenever I am boring, I will play this CD. And it makes me happy. I like this CD very much.

It was my birthday yesterday. I got a lot of gifts. All of them were covered with coloured paper. Among them there were two interesting ones. My elder sister gave me a round paper bag and I thought it was a football. BUt when I opened it, it turned out

He sent me a book as the birthday present.为你解答,如有帮助请采纳,如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!


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