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I often get books or other good things as my birthday gifts.

What do you usually get for your birthday present? A lot of books.


Can you give me a photo as a birthday present ? ******************************************************************************************************* ^__^真心祝你学习进步,如果你对这个答案有什么疑问,请追问, 另外如果你觉得我...

我有一只熊,我拥有他5年了。这只熊是我10生日时得到的生日礼物,它是最爱我的哥哥给我的,我很喜欢它,我明天晚上都会抱着它睡觉,因为它是我10岁生日时收到的第一个礼物,所以它也是特殊的。 I have a bear, I have him for 5 years. This bea...

My sister drew a picture to me as a birthday gift.

On my birday, I received a lot of presents

I am daming, today is my birthday, my good friend bought a basketball for me as a birthday gift, I am very happy

Yesterday I bought some special hair clips for Sandy as her birthday present.

Birthday is coming , I want a teddy bear or a piece of cake as gift,


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