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我家有四口人爸爸妈妈我和姐姐的英文翻译_百度翻译 我家有四口人爸爸妈妈我和姐姐 There are four people in my family my father and my mother and my sister.

there are four people in my family, my parents, my sister and me. My family is very happy

英语:my family members have mom and dad sister and i中文:我的家庭成员有妈妈爸爸姐姐和我

爸爸是个医生 妈妈是个老师 我是个学生 爸爸妈妈很爱我 The daddy is a doctor mother is a teacher I is student father and mother loves me very much 我家有4口人,爸爸、妈妈、妹妹、还有我 My family has four people, the daddy, mother, the younger sister, also has me

My famly have four members,they are my father,my mother ,my sister and me.

there are four members in my family.they are my father ,mother ,sister and i.

In my family there's my father, my mother, my sister and I.

my family has five people,my father(dad),my monther(mom),my sister and i.用第一种说法就可以了第二种翻译的有问题,TWO SISTER是说你有两个姐妹与句意不符.

my family has four numbers , dad . mum . brother and Me

My family has five people, a father, mother, sister and brother


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