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the Himalaya就是喜马拉雅山. the 用于 1,江河湖海前用 2,专有名词前用 3,特指时用 4,上下文中有,说话听话人都明白时用 5,独一无二的事物前用 6,强调时用 7,重复时用

喜马拉雅山脉 这个词语 用英语表达 翻译为 : Himalayas

我的梦想是爬喜马拉雅山 My dream is to climb Himalaya Range.

the Himalayas 喜马拉雅山 世界海拔最高的山脉,位于亚洲的中国与尼泊尔之间,分布于青藏高原南缘,西起克什米尔的南迦-帕尔巴特峰(北纬35°14'21",东经74°35'24",海拔8125米),东至雅鲁藏布江大拐弯处的南迦巴瓦峰(北纬29°37’51”,东经95°03’...

a mountain range extending 1500 miles on the border between India and Tibet; this range contains the world's highest mountain

The Himalayas are one of the highest mountain ranges in the world. They are located in Asia, extending over 2,400 kilometres through Pakistan, India, China, Nepal and Bhutan.They basically consist of two almost parallel ranges ...

Qinghai Tibet Plateau is a large mountain range, such as Himalaya Range. 青藏高原有喜马拉雅山等高大山脉

喜马拉雅 [词典] [医] Himalayan; [例句]少数几个冒险翻越了喜马拉雅山的欧洲人回来后讲述了这个故事。 Few Europeans who had ventured beyond the Himalayas had returned to tell the tale.

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古拉格集中营:The gulag camps 喜马拉雅山 : the Himalayas 苏联:Soviet Union


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