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There are four people in my family.Today is Sunday,now,I am doing my homework.My mother is watching TV.My father is reading his newspaper.My little sister is playing with a cat.

现在进行时:i am coming 一般过去时:i had an awful day yesterday!现在完成时:i've finished homework. i've done everything you told me. i've been in Germany for 3 years .

I'm reading a book now.She is doing homework now.He is watching TV now.They are playing basketball.We are going shopping.


Last sunday. I and my father, mother, grandparents, brother went to shoushanby bus. In the morning we came down the mountain. I saw wooded mountains, wild flowers bloom. We climb up the hill along the mountain path. Come halfway up the

my friendi have a friend .he is very clever,so i like playing with him.today,we are going shopping ,playing basketball and studying for a test.we are having lunch in a restrauntit`s very delicious .we have a good time.he loves playing basketball ,we have a great trip today

现在进行时 唉!越上高年级,负担也就越多.我每天过着“现在进行时”的生活.郁闷ing~ 北京时间7:00,我的闹钟准时响起.我疲惫的手指撑开眼皮,看准了闹钟,一掌劈下去,闹钟停了,我嘟囔道:“你也不会休息一下,每天那么准时干

They are playing basketball now.现在他们正在打篮球.Listen!She is singing an English song.听,她正在唱英语歌.Look at the picture.The children are flying kites in the park.看这幅图.那些孩子正在公园放风筝.We are making model planes these days.这些天我们在做飞机模型.It's 6:30 now.I am getting up.现在是6:30.我正在起床

1.一般现在时 rice is grown in the south of the states.大米长在南方的州上.we are not allowed to enter the chemistry lab without a teacher.我们不允许在没有老师陪同的情况下进入实验室.2.一般过去时 the building of a new car factory was agreed on


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