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一首英文歌里有歌词Do ~~whAt CAn i Do

☆What Can I Do☆ 南拳妈妈 扬波末代皇帝—维 594824123 没鱼的海 会很空白 没冰红茶 夏天不要来 我的世界因为有了你 没有风 也摇摆 想要飞 快跟我来 What can I do 我的爱 碰到你 坏不起来 What can I do 你的人 像泡面 无所不在 What can I do ...

理由:这是一首电影的主题曲,特别是当听到“i want to spend my life如果你没有车也没系,坐在公交车上听这首歌也很爽,要求也很简单,只要

Promises don't come easy -群星 should have known all along there was something wrong i just never read between the lines then i woke up one day and found you on your way leaving nothing but my heart behind what can i do to make...

我猜,你提供的那句歌词没写对。 但是,我想到了一首歌曲,应该是你要的 Backstreet Boys的《How Did I Fall In Love With You》 原因如下:第一,男生唱的。 第二:安静伤感。 第三:里面有歌词What can I do, to make it right?跟你提供的片...

(Kelly Price) What can I do? What can I do, to make it better? Yeah, yeah (Scarface) I thank the Lord, for every morning, he allows me to rise And though the sun is shining, there's a cloud in the sky Lettin' me know, that at a...

Tim and Eric -- Sit On You 这首歌是为一个表演做的,只有48秒这么短的一段,我已经找到MP3了,你要的话追问留邮箱我发给你

应该是Caron Nightingale 的Promises Don't Come Easy,希望对你有帮助

the corrs---what can i do http://stweb.ydu.edu.tw/~92406006/02%20-%20What%20Can%20I%20Do-.mp3

breakingfree youarethemusicinme thestarofsomethingnew 都是很棒的男女英文对唱曲目,希望你们能参考一下。


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