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就我个人而言的英文:Personally speaking 相似短语:1、maintain personally 个人主张2、enjoy personally 个人享受 示例:Personally speaking, searching and enriching the experience of life is the realmeaning of travel. 对我来说,旅行的意义

就个人而言 personally

At least I personally, I think I really tried to carry on English learning, for middle school busy study and work, although I to English learning pay a lot of time and effort, but more time is used in mathematics with other disciplines.应该是这个吧!我用有道

the key from Draconius is ok

as far as I'm concerned

■As for me, ■As to me 都可以.因为As for =As to 都是【就……而言】的意思.

因此就我而言,XXX需要受到所有人的重视 So as far as I am concerned, XXX needs to be everyone's attention" 英语翻译"因此就我而言,我认为XXX需要受到所有人的重视""English" so as far as I am concerned, I think XXX needs to be everyone's attention"

As far as I am concerned,I think the team which has won the first place has cheated.cheat及物,不及物都有vt.1. 欺骗;骗取,诈取[(+of/out of)]They cheated the old woman of her house and money.2. 哄骗[(+into)]The salesman cheated me

就我而言 For my part

就我一个人而言是不够的翻译为:It is not enough to rely only on one person.


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