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On the night of National Day we watch fireworks.It's October 1 ( the first).It's National Day.October first is the National Day of China.It's October 1 ( the first).It's National Day.Two of my classma

J:Hi guys, how about the Beijing Student Film festival? Student; Very good! I like it. J:Which one is ur favourite ? S:You know, this time there are a lot of yongster's new works here. But I really feel sorry that none of these video pieces can move me. J:

Media in China Compared to twenty years ago, media is growing fast in China. TV sales have been increasing very quickly. Modern media has changed Chinese culture by erasing traditional thinking. Nowadays, fewer people live in the traditional

may 3, 2005, lien chan, the mainland at the end of his 8-day visit, two days after the song chu also visit the mainland more. they visited some cities in the mainland, but also returned to their hometown. president hu in beijing, met with them, a lot of

原发布者:李鹏亚 英语新闻报道格式【篇一:英语新闻稿】helloeveryone.mynameisviviandiam14yearsold.iamcomefromhonglingmiddleschool.todayi'mgoingtogiveyouaenertainmentnews.大家好,我叫vivi,我今年14岁了,我来自红岭中学,今

On the night of National Day we watch fireworks. It's October 1 ( the first).It's National Day. October first is the National Day of China. It's October 1 ( the first).It's National Day. Two of my classmates descended upon me on National Day. October 1 is


What has been described as the "heaviest rain in six decades" left at least 37 people dead and raised criticism about Beijing's infrastructure and the government's response to disasters.被形容为“六十年来最严重的大雨”,造成至少37人死亡

liuwenqiangThe Australian Middle School Student Visit Our SchoolOn June second,the ten people Australian delegation visited our school.They arrived in school at 9 A.M. and receive warmly welcome.The president and the guests talked to us in the

Shanghai Education Committee this morning at a meeting, the ICBC Shanghai branch of the new initiatives was the city's 51 colleges and universities praise. From September 2, the new entrance will be b


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