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Business Scope: Metal matrial, plastic material, electronic products, custume and accessories, ceramic products wholesale, purchase and sell consignment; import and export self-and agent all kinds of goods and technology , except the state limit

营业执照经营Scope of business license经营范围:服装、鞋帽、日用百货、办公用品、百水产品、农副产品(不含粮油)、五交化商品(不含专项度审批)批发兼零售;经济信息咨询服务;经营进出口业务(见许可证范围)Scope of business:

Science and technology popularization and application services(if you want to know more specific items ,please enter in Guangzhou business subject information public platform .Project is subject to ratification in accordance with the law, the relevant department approval to operate.)

营业执照 经营范围 译为英文: scope of business license 公司类型:有限责任公司(台港奥与境内合资) 经营范围:蚕茧收购(仅限分支机构经营),生产销售生丝、丝绸、纺织品、服装及相关副产品.(凡涉及许可证的项目凭许可证在有效

In liquefied natural gas, various industrial gases and related products (including dry ice) and equipment such as international trade, entrepot trade, bonded area trade between enterprises and trade agents in the area; Storage (except dangerous

Mechanical and electrical technology R & D, consultation and service; mechanical processing, machine repair (processing another branch); machine tools, hardware tools, machinery accessories sales; self-employed and agents of the commodity

Wholesale and retail trade (subject to prior approval and franchised monopoly goods except); corporate image design; marketing planning; arts and crafts design; exhibition services; computer hardware and software technology research, technology development,technical consulting, import and export of goods.


"To undertake service outsourcing in the system management and maintenance, information technology management, software development, call center, data processing, banks and other financial institutions credit audit business and the notice

Business: Network Development and application of multimedia technology, virtual panoramic, flat packaging, film and television animation, web pages, photography cameras, show exhibition, visual design environment, corporate planning, brand


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