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企业法人: business entity 营业执照: 1. commercial instrument2. business licence3. business registration certificate4. business license

Business License

Company's business license企业法人营业执照 Enterprise's legal person's business license名称:公司名 Name: Company's name住所: Address法定代表人姓名:Legal representative's name公司类型:Company type经营范围:经销、批发、

License management project: deposits in Renminbi; issue short-, medium-and long-term loans; for settlement; for discounting of bills, issuing financial bonds; agent issue, agent payment; underwriting government bonds; trading of government

Industrial projects (the specific items to be declared separately); domestic commerce, materials supply industry (excluding franchise, special control, specialty goods); import and export business (the specific operation according to the Import and Export Enterprise Qualification Certificate

企业法人营业执照 (副本)BUSINESS LICENSE OF LEGAL ENTITY ( DUPLICATE) 注册号:Registration Number/Registered Number:名称:Name of Business/Enterprise:住所:Address: 法定代表人姓名:Legal Representative/Person in

Individua :Issuesape :Managestheplace:

"Corporate business license" lost or destroyed, it should be in the company registration office designated press statement void apply for a replacement. Changzhou City Labor and Social Security Bureau has published

business licences 这就是营业执照的意思.business scope 经营范围.一般经营项目:General Operation Items法律法规禁止的不得经营;No items prohibited by laws and regulations could be operated.法律法规规定审批

business licence. 个体营业执照:individual license.


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