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what is your name? 你的名字是什么?

一般疑问句:Are your books very thin?(你们的书很薄吗?)陈述句:Your brothers are very good!(你们的哥哥都非常好!)

your 英[j:(r)] 美[jr] pron. 你的,你们的; 尊; 玉; 乃; 用your造句如下:Emma, I trust your opinion a great deal 埃玛,我非常相信你的看法.Painkillers are very useful in small amounts to bring your temperature down 小剂量的止痛药对于降

英文中第二人称的物主代词. 主格:you(复数you) 宾格:you(复数you) 形容词性物主代词:your(复数:your) 名词性物主代词:yours(复数:yours) 反身代词:yourself(复数:yourselves) Your is the second person possessive

you 是人称代词 你 的意思 your 是形容词性物主代词物主代词.你的 其后必须要名词 yours 是名词性物主代词 你的 相当于your 加名词 其后不需要名词

your hand is so small

My book is on the desk.Its name is Jack.He is old.Your ticket, please?We have our friends.My God.Look at their noses.

That girl is your new maths teacher.那女孩是你们新来的数学老师.That is your new shirt.那是你的新衬衫.I am your classmate.我是你同学.

Your book is on the desk.你的书在桌上.Her name is Han Meimei.她的名字叫韩梅梅.

(主格)你,任何人 You can never predict what would happen next. 谁也无法预料接着会发生什么事. 你;你们 You two clean the hall. 你们两人打扫大厅. 3. (宾格)你;你们 Thank you for your help. 谢谢你帮忙.



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