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用英语my your怎么连起来造句

I want my pen.You cant not write your name.

This is my new pen.这是我的新钢笔That is our English teacher那是我们的英语老师Is this your ruler?这是你的尺子吗?Her house is very big她的房子非常大His dog is very lovely他的狗非常可爱

Is this your book? 这是你的书吗?Is this book yours? 这本书是你的吗?This is my book. 这是我的书.This book is mine. 这本书是我的.These are their books. 这些是他们的书.These books are theirs. 这些书是他们的.希望能帮到你,祝更上一层楼O(∩_∩)O 有不明白的请继续追问(*^__^*)

My book is on the desk.Its name is Jack.He is old.Your ticket, please?We have our friends.My God.Look at their noses.

My angel,my all,my very self. 我的天使,我的一切,我惟一的珍爱. My queen! my wife! my love! 我的王后!我的妻子!我的爱!My father and my uncle 我的父亲和我的叔父. ------------------------------------------------------Your words are your keys for

选cyour是you的形容词性物主代词,这里做定语mine是i的名词性物主代词,这里做主语mine在这里=my pen


Your clothes should be washed.

这是个用二十六个字母表达的小游戏 我改了几个~ 希望你喜欢、、手麻了 At here waiting for you Because i want to be with you Calls you just to say "Hi" Envisions the whole of you Forever at your feet Gives you what you needed Hope you enjoy

1.What is your name? 2.My name is leo. 3.One of them is chinese. 4.One hundred is bigger than two. 5.There are ten people. 6.We will get there in ten minutes. 7.What's your favorite food? 8.What does your father do? 9.l love my family. 10.My name is June.


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