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years old [词典] …岁(指年龄); [例句]Her son is three years old. 她儿子三岁了。

A 15-year-old boy.

He is an sixteen-year-old boy whose brother is also sixteen years old.

I will live here next year

Great changes have taken place in China for the last 20years。刚刚过去的20年,中国发生巨大变化。

若用LAST YEAR来造句就成了过去时态,BUILD就应该是BUILT了。举个造句的例子:That building was built last year.望采纳!

I am going to plan a new year party for new year 我将要为新年计划一场新年party

last year 英 [lɑ:st jə:] 美 [læst jɪr] 词典 去年; 上年; 去岁 I split up with my boyfriend last year. 我去年和男友分手了。 She is in better health now than ( she was) last year. 她现在身体比去年好了。

he can fly above the river.



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