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years old [词典] …岁(指年龄); [例句]Her son is three years old. 她儿子三岁了。

Great changes have taken place in China for the last 20years。刚刚过去的20年,中国发生巨大变化。

你好! 1. I went to Beijing last year.我去年去了北京。 2. He is going to visit West Lake next week.他打算下周去参观西湖。 3. The fourth month of a year is April.四月是一年中的第四个月。 不懂可追问。满意请采纳。

last year 英 [lɑ:st jə:] 美 [læst jɪr] 词典 去年; 上年; 去岁 I split up with my boyfriend last year. 我去年和男友分手了。 She is in better health now than ( she was) last year. 她现在身体比去年好了。

 Every year,there will be a bithday.

What do farmers do at the beginning of the year? 农民在年初做什么? 如不明白请追问 手机提问者如果满意,请在客户端右上角评价点“满意”即可 如果有其他问题请采纳本题后另发点击向我求助,答题不易,请谅解,谢谢。 祝学习进步

1. This is the city which I visited last year. 这就是我去年参观过的城市。 2. This is the only book that I have finished reading. 这是那本我唯一读完的书。 2. She lives in the room whose window is broken. 她住在那个窗户破了的房间...

year , before, duck, playground 连起来造句 Before the years when this building was still a wide playground, there used to have some ducks walk around in there 在这栋楼房还是一块宽阔的操场之前, 那里经常有鸭子在那里走来走去 year ...

it snows all year round there 那整年下雪

I went to visit a 74-year-old woman who had been in bed for 40 years 。怎么造句 句子中文意思:我去探望了一个为卧床40年的一个74岁老妇人 改写成下面句子 I went to pay a visit to a 74-year-old woman who had been in bed for forty years


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