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I like doing sports. It's good for my health. 我喜欢做运动,那样对我的健康有益。 I like doing puzzles. 我喜欢拼图。

I like doing exercise I like eating apple I like singing I like watching TV I like dancing I like playing sports I like plying computer games I like playing football I like playing basketball I like doing homework I like doing ...

I like eating apples.

He likes swimming in summer. He would like to swim this afternoon.

I like to talk with him 。。 我喜欢和他聊天。。 I like swimming. 我喜欢游泳。。like doing 通常表示爱好兴趣

(1)You won't even feel like doing anything since it's so disorganized. 因为工作区混乱,你甚至不想做任何事情。 (2)It's great to be here with these people and do what we feel like doing. 和这些朋友们在一起感觉真的很好,我们可...

i like doing housework i like eating chickens i like drinking tea i like playing basketball i like swimming i like helping my mother i like writing words. i like reading newspapers i like listening music i like watching TV

in China------- ①Basketball is a popular sport in China.篮球在中国是一项大众运动。 ②Thank you for working in China.感谢你在中国的工作。 ③He's a famous conductor in China.他是一位著名的中国指挥家。 ④The beautiful girl lived in L...

I don't feel like eating anything.

I feel like fish .


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