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用in thE yEArs to ComE造句

1.He'll be back in five years.他五年后会回来。 2.He works at space station.他在太空站工作。 3.His grandpa lives alone.他的爷爷一个人生活。 4.I will beat you one day.总有一天我会打败你。 5.Wake up!It's time to go to school!快起...


The government's control over the newspapers has loosened in recent years.

为您解答 在某人。。岁的时候 When she was six years old, she could dive in deep water already. 在她六岁时,已经可以深潜了。

ose. As soon as he wassatisfied that all was well, he laid

用seven years造句 seven years七年 The two patterns alternate over periods of two to seven years in the tropical Pacific. 在热带的太平洋地区,这两种现象的交替周期超过了两到七年。

手工翻译,保证准确! 1.凯特的父亲当过10年兵. Kate's father was a soldier for ten years. 2.乔丹已经离开球队好几年了. Jordan has been away from the team for several years. 3.姚明加入美国NBA长达10年了. It is ten years since Yao Mi...

I earned some money in the last few years.

这个句子不好用since从句。 It took him three years to do the work. He took three years to do the work. He spent three years on the work. He spent three years (in) doing the work. It is three years since he finished the work.

In any event , the guidance that i penned more than five years ago in 在任何情况下,我5年前执笔的 Five years ago the start of a new semester . do you remember 你还记得五年前新学期开始的时候吗? The tree planted by my brothers f...


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