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用is 造句

造句:she is my teacher.她是我的老师.is she your teacher? 她是你的老师吗?she is a smart girl.她是个聪明的女孩.is she a smart girl?她是个聪明的女孩吗?she is reading books.她正在看书.is she reading books?她正在看书

is:肯定句:She is a student.否定句:She is not a student.are:肯定句:They are students.否定句:They are not students.

There is an apple on the table.There is ice on the lake.湖上有冰.There is a football under the chair.椅子下面有一个足球.There is a flower in the bottle.瓶里有一朵花.There is a boy,a girl and two women

were is are was.

这个可以造很多の There is nobody there 那里没有人.There is a radio there. 那里有一台收音机.There is no difference. 没有差别.

am:I am a student.I am doing my homework.I am looking forward to going to have a dinner.I am a girl.I am going to my school.is:He is my friend.She is a nice girl.It is my cat.My home is near yours.This is my classmate.are:They are from China.My

His aim and purpose is not known to us.我们不知道他的目的语言点aim and purpose 为同一概念, 所以谓语用单数Smoke and fog is often seen here.这儿常看到烟雾此句 smoke and fog 烟雾, 一般被看成一个整体, 所以谓语用单数

To be or not to be That is a qusetion

He is like my mom.He is like my bike.She is like her pen.She is like her mom.这样应该可以吧?给加分吧

1. It is made by skin of gourd.它是由葫芦壳制成的.2. It is a telex rather than a letter.与其说它是一封信,不如说它是一封电传.3. It is reported that 20 people were killed in the accident.这次事故据说有20人死亡.4. It is charged (ie in a court of law


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