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用livE to BE 200 yEArs olD造句

ose. As soon as he wassatisfied that all was well, he laid

I live in a city. 我住在城市里。

1. We eat to live, not live to eat. 我们为活而吃,而不是为吃而活。 2. Eat to live, but do not live to eat. 吃是为了活,不要活着为了吃。 3. Chinese live on rice. 中国人以大米为主食。 4. He had found how to live it. 他找到了如何...

Stars usually want to live a normal life. 明星们常常想过普通平常的生活。

I live close to two glaciers. 我生活在两个冰川附近。 "If you talk to people who live close to nature and they tell you this is unusual and this is not something they have noticed before, then I really put emphasis on that, "he ...

I live in China .

初级版 i live on the earth 中级版 i live with my parents 高级版 i live on the heart of happiness and i hope so are you 究极版 i live on the edge of the broken dream,live to live another day

It's amazing that the players failed to live uo to their coach's expectations on them. amazing:令人惊讶的 live up to:不辜负;做到;实践

There stand a man whose shirt is blue,

live by 靠…为生 *She tried to live by writing,but it didn't provide a good enough income.她想靠写作为生,但收入仍然不够。 *He lives by teaching.他以教书为生。


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