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My gread father is old , I am young

I don't know how old he is, but he looks well over/past forty.我不知道他多少岁,但是他看上去有四十多岁了。 I'd like to know how old the manager is.我想知道经理有多大年纪。 May I be so bold as to ask how old you are?可否冒昧问一...

How old are you?

years old [词典] …岁(指年龄); [例句]Her son is three years old. 她儿子三岁了。

你好! at 6 years old造句: Her brother was borned at her 6 years old.

two years old 只可以做 表语 意思是 两岁如 I am two years old. two-year-old 只可以做 定语 意思是 两岁的如 I am a two-year-old boy. 但不可以互换。 定语是修饰名词的,不管是主语还是宾语,只要是名词都可以用定语修饰,定语一般有形容词...

ose. As soon as he wassatisfied that all was well, he laid

你好! You are never too old to fall in love. 你什麼时候都可以坠入爱河,不分年龄大校 百度教育团队【海纳百川团】为您解答 如满意,请点击“选为满意答案”按钮,谢谢~

I have a book

oldest是为old的最高级,old有老的,旧的,年纪大的,古老的含义,变成最高级就有最老的,最旧的,年纪最大的,最古老的含义。 The girl dressed pink is the oldest student in my class. 那个穿粉色的女孩是我班年纪最大的学生。 I am the old...


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