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用stArt to Do sth造句(10句)

There is a lot of room for creativity in all of this, but they have little chance of developing a complete product, from start to finish, without using other software for key features. 在这个过程中他们有足够的创造空间,但是他们...



I start to read/sing/swim/run/write/dance/paint/cook/smoke/ study/watch TV

They were planning to have a surprise party for my best friends 她们打算为我最好的朋友举行一个惊喜聚会

drive sth 开车,驾驶交通工具 I drive my car from home to campus everyday. 我每天都从家开车去学校 drive to do sth 强迫某人做某事 Slaves in ancient Egypt had been driven by the Pharaoh to built immense Pyramids for his afterlife....

Let't do homework

She likes to do it her own way. 她喜欢按自己的方式做事。 Tom likes to read storybooks. 汤姆喜欢读故事书。 He likes to talk about them. 他喜欢讲述过去的事情。 I like to practice Yoga outdoors. 我喜欢在户外练习瑜伽。

use sth to do sth造句 We use knives to cut food. 翻译:我们使用刀具切食物

to do sth 表示准备做某件事 doing sth 表示正在进行做得时候 start to do sth.(begin / start to do sth.)和sart doing sth.(begin / start doing sth.)都表示“开始做某事”,start to do sth 意思是指“开始去做某事(接着做前面那件事)”,...


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