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用stArt to Do sth造句(10句)

I'm starting to walk to school.He starts to eat lunch.My mother started to do exercise everyday.I start to play game.She starts to clean the room.He started to look after his mother.She will start to do something interesting.I start to sweep the floor.She

They start to work.He starts to get up at 7:00.I start to have breakfast at 7:00.He started to cry.She started to laugh.Mum started to work.She started to listen the music.I started to watch TV.He started to reading the book.John then unlocked the front door and I started to follow him up the stairs.

I start to read/sing/swim/run/write/dance/paint/cook/smoke/ study/watch TV

The ice started to melt.冰开始融化.She started to wonder who had done it. 她开始想是谁做了这件事She started to understand what he really wanted. 她开始明白他真正想要什么.She started to wonder why he was here. 她开始觉得奇怪为什么他

I start to read the book.He starts to go to bed.

I satarted to cook supper at five o'clock yesterday. Tom started practising yoga two years ago.

start to do sth 意思是指“开始去做某事”,有“潜在的可能”;start doing sth 意思是指“开始做某事”,有“实际进行”的意思.当涉及到多次活动时使用start doing更为恰当.

I start to do my homework. I start drawing a picture. start作为动词的两种用法:start to do sth. start doing sth. I start work at six .

I start the game.我开始了这个游戏.It starts the film .电影开始了.i start my new life.我开始了新生命.如果我的答案对您有帮助,请点击下面的“选为满意答案”按钮,谢谢!祝福工作顺利,生活开心,学习进步哦!及时采纳,谢谢.希望我的回答能帮到您,祝好!

starting to do 开始去做某事 start doing sth 没有这样人说法,是错误的.


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