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用woulD likE to Do怎么造句

would like to do造句: You must tell us exactly what you would like to do.你必须告诉我们,你到底希望怎么办。 I would like to do some snorkeling.我想玩一下有装备的潜水。 Nobody would like to do such tiresome work.没人愿做这种无...

would like to[英][wud laik tu:][美][wʊd laɪk tu] 愿意,意欲; 例句: 1. I would like to be optimistic. 我很想做一个乐观主义者。 2. Some would like to test russia's good faith before moving ahead. 有些人希望在做出进一步...

I would like to go shopping

我想让你帮我找些重要的文件 I would like you to find some important documents.

Would you like to play basketball before? 你以前喜欢打篮球吗?

你想吃一个苹果吗? Would you like to have an apple?

i would like you do to some thing ! i would like take a cup of coffe i would like to go to some place i would like to talk with you for a minute can you feel how much i would like you

I would like to have my answer the best one... 我想让我的答案成为最佳。。 HOHO

would you like to come to play tonight? would you like to have a try? would you like to join us? would you like to have some tea,please? would you like to have supper? I would like to have some coffee. I would like to do some e...

i would like to choose the red pencil. i would like to eat rice he would like to drink black tea instead of green tea she would like to wear the pink sweater we would like to go to the movie


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