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early years [词典] 初年; [例句]He was a peasant in his early years. 他早年是个农民。


你好! at 6 years old造句: Her brother was borned at her 6 years old.

为您解答 在某人。。岁的时候 When she was six years old, she could dive in deep water already. 在她六岁时,已经可以深潜了。

I visited the museum every two years.

1. We haven't seen him this year. 2. Though advanced in years, he has a keen sense of hearing. 3. She migrated to Australia years ago. 4. She flew to Japan the month before last. 5. We go to America every year. 6. We visit our ...

two years old 只可以做 表语 意思是 两岁如 I am two years old. two-year-old 只可以做 定语 意思是 两岁的如 I am a two-year-old boy. 但不可以互换。 定语是修饰名词的,不管是主语还是宾语,只要是名词都可以用定语修饰,定语一般有形容词...

ose. As soon as he wassatisfied that all was well, he laid

The government's control over the newspapers has loosened in recent years.

In any event , the guidance that i penned more than five years ago in 在任何情况下,我5年前执笔的 Five years ago the start of a new semester . do you remember 你还记得五年前新学期开始的时候吗? The tree planted by my brothers f...


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