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用your hEAlth怎样造句

1. Let's drink to your health. 让我们为你的健康干杯。 2. I'll drink to your health. 为你的健康干杯。 3. Allow me to drink to your health. 请允许我为你的健康干杯。 4. Let`s drink to your health! 让我们为你的健康干杯吧!

drink [driŋk] v. 喝,饮 n. 饮料,酒,喝酒 例句与用法: 1. Please give me a drink of water. 请给我点水喝。 2. We must drink to the health of the bride. 我们要为新娘的健康干杯。 3. He doesn't smoke or drink. 他不抽烟也不喝酒。

be in good health: 身体健康;身体状况良好;身体好 例句: He wanted her mother to be in good health. 他希望她的母亲健康。 Now I am in good health and high spirits . 现在我很健康,精神也好极了。 My grandmother is in good health....

Mr Tung has resigned for health reasons. I believe he has been sincere and he will win the understanding of people in Hong Kong and respect of the central government.

To keep in good health, you should eat less meat and try to do a lot of exercise.

adj + prep 只是句子的组成部分。但要主谓语分明。 上述表达正确的是: The book is good for health. 或者: A good book for health.

I can't do the homework without any help I will give up if no one help me I can get into the entress directly Just go though the forest Don't speak loudly in public there are all kinds of birds in the forest I have earned lots ...

i like doing swim。

Eating habits can have effects on our health.

例1:Smoking is harmful to your health. 吸烟有害于你的健康。例2:Reading in bed is harmful to your eyesight. 躺在床上看书对你的视力有害。例3:It ...


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