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用your hEAlth怎样造句

1. Let's drink to your health. 让我们为你的健康干杯。 2. I'll drink to your health. 为你的健康干杯。 3. Allow me to drink to your health. 请允许我为你的健康干杯。 4. Let`s drink to your health! 让我们为你的健康干杯吧!

if you want to be heathy, you must take more exercise and have less food.

She is in poor health. 她身体不好。 The children look very healthy. 孩子们看来很健康。 You still need to healthily and take regular exercise . 你还需要注意膳食健康,进行有规律的锻炼。

Mr Tung has resigned for health reasons. I believe he has been sincere and he will win the understanding of people in Hong Kong and respect of the central government.

drink [driŋk] v. 喝,饮 n. 饮料,酒,喝酒 例句与用法: 1. Please give me a drink of water. 请给我点水喝。 2. We must drink to the health of the bride. 我们要为新娘的健康干杯。 3. He doesn't smoke or drink. 他不抽烟也不喝酒。

是分别的造句么? 1.Pupils in our schools are taught in a safe, secure environment我们学校的学生在安全无虑的环境中接受教育。 2.He wanted her mother to be in good health.他希望她的母亲健康。 3.he moral characters of men are forme...

Temperament can impact a person's physical health Good sexual health may mean better physical health.

be in good health: 身体健康;身体状况良好;身体好 例句: He wanted her mother to be in good health. 他希望她的母亲健康。 Now I am in good health and high spirits . 现在我很健康,精神也好极了。 My grandmother is in good health....

不对的,have sth to do with 这里的with是个介词,你可以考虑把with后面的短语改成名词的形式,比如动名词就可以了. Good health has something to do with your early sleeping .

您说的是be+of+抽象名词,其意思等于与名词相对应的形容词,是一种很正式的表达方式.这些抽象名词是通常是success,importance,help,value,interest,health等等.例如:What he said is of great importance to us all==What he said is very import...


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