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Is this your book? 这是你的书吗? Is this book yours? 这本书是你的吗? This is my book. 这是我的书。 This book is mine. 这本书是我的。 These are their books. 这些是他们的书。 These books are theirs. 这些书是他们的。 希望能帮到...

I'm your teacher. This is my book ,that is yours Lucy is her aunt. Whose bag is it? It's mine. My hair is black ,hers is red He is my brother This is his father.

都在代指某物时用,mine是“我的”,yours是“你的”。 比如:This red pen is mine, and that blue one is yours.

this book is mine , yours are over there. there are three books ,mine are the green one. is this bike yours?No,it's his. this birthday cake is yours. is that bike his?Yes,it is. look,there are two watches.the green one is yours...

his bed is more beautiful than mine. 他的床比我的漂亮很多 My bag is bigger than yours.我的书包比你的大很多 His book is newer than mine.他的书比我的新 his book is newer than hers.他的书比她的新很多 his school is bigger than ours...

My son is crying now.The bag is mine.Is this your handbag?His/her/our/their/son said that he saw a girl looks like you.That's ours/yours/theirs.

mine是my的宾格,一般用在动词后 ours,hers,yours,thiershers 是名词性无助代词 就相当于 her+名词~放在句中,可以做主语、宾语等成分 拿hers为例子: This is my book! That is hers【her book 她的书】 My book is on the desk!Hers【he...

1.mine 这是我的毛衣。 这是我的(毛衣)。 2.yours 那是你的书。 那是你的(书)。 3.his Sam拿走了我的T恤。 它不是他的(T恤)。 4.hers 这是Kate的帽子。 它是她的(帽子)。 5.mine 你的钢笔在哪? 我的(钢笔)在书包里。

mine,yours,his hers,its,ours,theirs 我的,你的,他的,她的,我们的,他们的


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