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有一首英文DJ歌词基本都是put your hAnDs up,求歌...

是Single Ladies吗? 有Beyoncé原版,还有Pomplamoose的小清新翻唱版本 里面符合你说的歌词是 All the single ladies Now put your hands up woa-a-a-u-u-uuup uuu-oo-u-u-uuup

是不是 2PM 的 Hands up , 里面有 你说的歌词,但是它是韩语歌


按歌词找歌比较难!有链接就好了!! 在酷狗里搜“Put Your Hands Up” 有很多首!你自己听听! 望采纳!@@

2pm的hands up

你说的应该是rap歌曲吧,是Gameloft的游戏:9mm(生死九毫米),刚进入游戏时候的背景音乐,Throw Your Hands Up,是著名黑人说唱歌手Freeway & Jake One唱的。

Danzel : Put Your Hands Up In The Air

P!nk-Here Comes The Weekend Here comes Comes the weekend Hear it calling like a siren Oh-oh We don't want no problems We don't like them Keep it moving Here comes The weekend Set off your sirens Here comes The weekend Set off y...

Flo Rida--Club Can't Handle Me

Flo Rida--Club Can't Handle Me Look around I see a million different faces But no one's looking in my eyes It takes a minute when I mean these different places Do you realise? All wee need is love in this life it's true All I n...


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