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找一首经典英文歌,其中有歌词whAt CAn i Do~~~~~~

Kyla - Wait For You http://cdn1-79.projectplaylist.com/e1/static10/349/2089584.mp3 ——————————————— 另外贴个男声版本,我超喜欢的 wait for you-elliott yamin http://cdn1-41.projectplaylist.com/e1/static10/349/2127462.mp3 I never...

Sarah West - Losing You

what can I do 呢?? 去听听看。。 我不知道是不是。。

☆What Can I Do☆ 南拳妈妈 扬波末代皇帝—维 594824123 没鱼的海 会很空白 没冰红茶 夏天不要来 我的世界因为有了你 没有风 也摇摆 想要飞 快跟我来 What can I do 我的爱 碰到你 坏不起来 What can I do 你的人 像泡面 无所不在 What can I do ...

应该是Caron Nightingale 的Promises Don't Come Easy,希望对你有帮助

是promises don't come easy ????????? 演唱者caron nightingale 歌词: I should have known all along there was something wrong I just never read between the lines Then I woke up one day and found you on your way Leaving nothing bu...

tell me what can i do---陈百强

Promise Don't Come Easy 歌手:Caron Nightingale 高潮部分是: What can I do to make it up to you Promises don't come easy You know I've made up my mind to make it work this time That's the promise that I give to you ...

貌似我们听的是同一首歌,我也在搜,旋律挺好听的 嘿嘿,我听的这首已经找到啦,是Too Late-Jack Knight 你听听是不是这首?


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