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Is this yours?

The book is yours.

Can you show me your notebook? 人称代词主格 Did you find your jacket? 人称代词主格,形容词物主代词 You are my best friend and I am yours. 人称代词主格,名词性物主代词 I want you to go there right now. 人称代词宾格


my life is yours. 我的生命属于你。 My baby is yours. 我的宝宝就是你的宝宝。 My father is yours. 我的爸爸就是你的爸爸。

this book is mine , yours are over there. there are three books ,mine are the green one. is this bike yours?No,it's his. this birthday cake is yours. is that bike his?Yes,it is. look,there are two watches.the green one is yours...

都在代指某物时用,mine是“我的”,yours是“你的”。 比如:This red pen is mine, and that blue one is yours.

假的太真的意思是什么 这么用yours造句 14 昨天生病请假了,没去上班。然后我们老板和同事说起我,说我是个 那灬爱真涩是什么意思 1 更多相关问题 精彩...

his bed is more beautiful than mine. 他的床比我的漂亮很多 My bag is bigger than yours.我的书包比你的大很多 His book is newer than mine.他的书比我的新 his book is newer than hers.他的书比她的新很多 his school is bigger than ours...

名词性物主代词(nominal possessive pronoun): 单数形式:mine(我的xx),yours(你的xx),his /hers /its(他的xx、她的xx、它的xx)one's(某人的xx); 复数形式:ours(我们的xx),yours(你们的xx), theirs(他们的xx)。 造句:Look at the two pen...


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