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look for 后面不能加介词 look for :寻找;探索;渴望;盼望 例句: 1.immediately He began to look for another position immediately. 他马上开始寻找另一个职位。 2.Help me look for her before she bleeds out in one of our bathrooms. ...

最常见的 look out for 留心,提防 look out upon 朝向 look out on 面临 向外看一般用look out /look outside都可以 lookoutat向外眺望 希望对你有帮助哦~

look 是不及物动词,如果带宾语,一定要跟介词,如 look at、look after、look in 等。如果用作表示 “显得/看起来” 的系动词,后面可以直接跟形容词表语,如 it looks nice (看上去不错)。

look后面可以搭配的介词并且可以借宾语的有很多,如下: 1 look about for sth. 到处寻找(某物) 例子:I'm looking about for a house. 我在找一座房子。 2 look for sth/sb 到处寻找(某物/某人) 例子:You could look for a career abroad ...

当动词为及物动词的时候,后面可以不用介词。 look可以使及物动词,也可以是不及物动词 例句: vt .1. 看,瞧,打量,注视: He looked his friend in the face.他直视朋友的脸。 He looked the applicant up and down.他上上下下地打量那个求职...

翻译成照顾,后面不需要加什么介词,直接加宾语好了,比如I need to look after my brother

look forward to doing sth 中to是介词词性,后面跟宾语sth或者sb。如果是动词,应该用动名词形式,即-ing形式。

你说的那些都是词组固定搭配,不能省略的 倒是像spend in doing sth in是可以省略的

look after/at /for /like , laugh at , listen to , hear from /of , wait for , worry about , talk about /to /with , think of /about , pay for , knock at /on , shout at /to , arrive at /in , get to , ask for , send for , play with...


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