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GivE mE rulEr, PlEAsE 这句话怎么读

英文原文: Give me a ruler Please 英式音标: [gɪv] [miː] [ə; eɪ] [ˈruːlə] [pliːz] 美式音标: [ɡɪv] [mi] [e] [ˈrulɚ] [pliz]

英文原文: Give me a ruler,please 英式音标: [gɪv] [miː] [ə; eɪ] [ˈruːlə] [pliːz] 美式音标: [ɡɪv] [mi] [e] [ˈrulɚ] [pliz]


1 short短的 2 light轻的 3 white白色的 4 thick 厚的确 / thin薄的 5 tall 高的

pass的用法是pass sb sth 或者pass sth to sb,介词用to,而不是for。答案A 正确。

could you please pass me the ruler?

选b pass me a ruler,pass a ruler to me,都对

1、I haven't any ( ) books except this one. A、other B、another C、others D、the other 2、In our class only Tom is English, ( )are...


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