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I woulD likE to什么意思


首先,would like to和want to的区别: 1.would like to do sth是愿意做某事,表示乐意。 而want to do sth 式表示想要做某事表达一种想法,前者程度更深 2. would like to比I want to更礼貌,一般用于邀请某人做某事。I want to比I would like t...


I would like to meet a warmyou wander我愿颠沛流离再遇见温暖的你 您要查找的是不是: I would like you to meet a friend of mine.我想让你和我一个朋友见见面。 I would like to emphasize that we are ready to meet the management at any...

would like to do sth译为想要做某事 I would(缩写I'd) like to play a game.我想要玩一个游戏. Would you like to play with me?你想要和我玩吗? 肯定回答:Yes,I'd like to.是的,我想要. 否定回答:Yes,I'd like to.But I'm busy reading.是的...

准确的讲谓语动词只有like。 would 是情态动词,后面加动词原形,表示“愿意、要、情愿”等,用于表达句子的婉转性。 把would去掉也是可以的: I like to invite all my friends to come.所以谓语动词是like。

would like to do sth是愿意作某事表示愿意乐意。 want to do sth 式表示想要做某事表达一种想法。 在用于请求或有关请求的问句中,这两个词可以互换使用。例句:Customer:I’d like some raspberries,please./I want some raspberries,pleas...

不对,应该是:I would like to be here. to后加动词原型。

I would like to do sth I would like sth 这是点菜最好的用语



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