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It's A niCE piCturE 改为感叹句 () () () CAmErA!


一个空格的话 填 have 最合适 You have a nice picture. 你有一张漂亮的照片。

How a nice pictyre !

除掉后面的a what a nice picture! 好漂亮的画啊!

这里要用宾格形式,所以选them,即是:C。 解析:they是主格,their是名词性物主代词。 The picture is very nice.It's for them. 翻译:这幅画很漂亮,它是专门为他们准备的。

选择c It's easy for Jack to draw a nice picture. 杰克很容易画一幅精美的图片。

She has got nice pictures


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