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Long Ago (ACoustiC) 歌词

歌曲名:Long Ago (Acoustic) 歌手:Hawk Nelson 专辑:Crazy Love (Plus The Light Sides) Hawk Nelson - Long Ago Can we get back to the basics? Back where we came from? When we didn't have no worries We were basking in the sun Sometim...

囧死,右边的视频信息里有英文歌词和原视频地址的 = = 英语歌词 A long long time ago, in a tragedy If ever comes a day that I go away In a forest deep you’ll sink like a stone From that moment on you’ll go alone Feeling a warm temp...

多去百度一下,呵呵 好像反恐里的 是going the way home 吗? josef herman 的歌。 任务,请无视 任务,请见谅。

词:mpi 曲:Hiroyuki Sawano 编曲:Hiroyuki Sawano Lyrics: mpi Music: Hiroyuki Sawano Vocal: Aimee Blackschleger *Oh Take a look in the mirror you look so sad It's so cold like that winter market we used to go I don't cry anymor...


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