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My FEEling还是My FEElings,哪种写法对

My feelings 正确。 My feelings 我的感觉;我的感情 He was afraid of hurting my feelings. 他怕伤了我的心。 What you said hurt my feelings. 你的话伤害了我的感情。

Corors can affect our feelings a lot.Different colors can change my feelings.Orange and yellow can make me confident and cheer me up when I am feeling sad.Black can give me a sense of sadness.The color of nature,green,can make ...

主语no one是单数第三人称,谓语动词know应该加-s。还有feeling表示看法、态度或感情时,常常是复数出现:feelings。 正确的是:No one knows my feelings. 又如: He was afraid of hurting my feelings.他害怕伤我的感情。

My feeling of graduation How fast time flies!I have studied in the middle school for four years.Now I have graduated.I have lots to say.Though the lessons became more difficult than before,I still felt happy because of my frien...

my feeling are just like wild animals 我的感觉就像是野生动物 例句: 1. I feel when my men are hunted like animals. 当我的人像动物一样被猎杀时我感受到了.


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