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ShE showED mE A piCturE Book什么意思

She showed me a picture book 她给我看了一本图画书 picture 英[ˈpɪktʃə(r)] 美[ˈpɪktʃɚ] n. 照片,画像; 图画,图片; 影片; 情景; vt. 构想,想象; 描绘,画; 描述; [网络] 图; 图片; 照片; [例句]A ...

she showed me a book last night 同意句: she showed a book to me last night. 她昨晚给我展示了一本书。

1 She showed a new book to me. 2 How does your brother think about the watch. 3 She doesn't mind _how___ other____ people think of her ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~祝你进步,有疑问可追问,希望能及时采纳~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

被动语态为:I was shown a ticket by her.

which 在这里指 museum,而定语从句中 museum 是修饰construction 的,意思是:博物馆的建筑 花了三年多,所以要用 of 把 construction 和 表示 museum 的which 连接起来。

she showed me a picture of John's双重所有格构构成是 a, an, this, that +名词+of +名词性物主代词。如: a friend of mine.

She shows/showed me the English book. 的同义句: She shows/showed the English book to me . 说明: 原句有几处错误, 已经帮你纠正了: 句首单词及English永远要大写; 主语为单数第三人称时, 谓动要用单三形式.故show改成shows. 当然, 最好是将...

Abook was shown tohim by her. He was shown a book by her.

她带着游客在博物馆参观,这个博物馆用了三年多的时间才建好。 用of which是因为在这种非限制性定语从句中,which指代前面的博物馆,这个句子也可以写成she showed her visitors around the museum .the construction of it/the museum has take...

1. She showed me the photo. 2. My shoes are as expensive as Bob's. 3. What is the highest buliding in China? 4. Australian 5. 题干...


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