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AFtEr ClAss造句

i usually play basketball after class放学后我常常打篮球

let us play volleyball after class.让我们放学后打篮球吧.

i always do my homework after class

We usually have a break after class.(我们通常下课后休息一下)

1、After school,we went home.我们放学后回家了.2、We have a break after class.我们下课以后休息一会.3、Let us play volleyball after class.让我们放学后打篮球吧.4、We are queueing after you. 我排队排在你后面.5、He was fired from his

I'm a middle school student and my school's name is .It is a beautiful school,it is often known as a garden.When you enter the school gate there is a teaching building.Behind the teaching building is the library,there are many useful books and

Let us play volleyball after class.让我们放学后打篮球吧.


1.The figures add up to 500. 2.After class some students go out of the classroom 3.I miss you again and again. 4.We agreed to have met here but so far she hasn't turned up yet. 5.I quite agree with you 6.I like all kinds of the sweets 7. I'll have to write

after school life is very busy .there are different things we can do after school.i usually play badmintons with my teachers and my friends.i think it is very ininteresting.playing badmintons is my favourite sport because it is funny and it makes me strong


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