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airfield ground lighting 机场地面照明 望采纳 !!!!

amelia先天性无肢; amelia阿米莉亚In her time off amelia visited a military airfield. 在休息时间里,阿米莉亚走访了一家军用机场.

这应该是伊拉克北部库尔德自治区的苏莱曼尼亚省首府城市苏莱曼尼亚的国际机场,常见英文拼写是Sulaimaniyah International Airport,2005年启用,有航班飞往中东国家和欧洲


搜一下:The Arifield是什么意思

aerodrome 英['e?,dr?m] 美['?,drom] n.(小)飞机场 airdrome 英['?dr?um] 美['?r,drom] n.飞机场,机场 airfield 英['e?,fi:ld] 美['?r,fild] n.(较小的无建筑的)飞机场Airfield n.[地名] [] 机场(英语)airport 英['?:t] 美['?r,rt,-,port] n.〈主美〉航空站,机场,航空港Airport n.[地名] [] 机场(英语)drome ['dr?um] n.飞机场主要是使用场所、机场大小规模等的不同

[图文] A man hired a taxi outside the airfield. The cab had a woolen carpet with 1 lace edges. On the glas s partition that 2 the driver's seat was a copy of a famous painting. Its windows were all clean. The customer

完形填空 I took up skydiving in my twenties.At the time the accident happened, I'd done just 30 jumps.The airfield was quiet when I __ 1 __.On board were Chris, who was taking a tourist, and Ants, the

1.They are rehearsing a new play.他们在排练一出新戏.2.Do you remember her telephone number?你记得她的电话号码吗?3.(1)租金,租费I've got to pay my rent this morning.今天上午我必须付房租.(2)租用,租入 及

围成一圈?最好先了解一下ring的意思.ring1KK:[]DJ:[]n.[C]1.圈;环;环形物Fatigue 围住[(+with)]The rebellious troops ringed the airfield.叛军包围了机场.2.使成环形vi.1.



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