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At 6 yEArs olD造句

two years old 只可以做 表语 意思是 两岁如 I am two years old. two-year-old 只可以做 定语 意思是 两岁的如 I am a two-year-old boy. 但不可以互换。 定语是修饰名词的,不管是主语还是宾语,只要是名词都可以用定语修饰,定语一般有形容词...

ose. As soon as he wassatisfied that all was well, he laid

years old [词典] …岁(指年龄); [例句]Her son is three years old. 她儿子三岁了。

you sre old man

how old are you?

how old is he ? how old is she ? how old are they ? how old is your sister ? how old is his sister ? 换人称,改变be动词形式就行啦

oldest是为old的最高级,old有老的,旧的,年纪大的,古老的含义,变成最高级就有最老的,最旧的,年纪最大的,最古老的含义。 The girl dressed pink is the oldest student in my class. 那个穿粉色的女孩是我班年纪最大的学生。 I am the old...

How old are you? 你多大了? I am 12 years old. 我今年12岁。

make riends with sb ?? 是make friends with吧 1。Tom makes friends with Mary 2.I would like to go shopping with my mum Mary would like to makes friends with Tom 3.I am 3 years old now. My sister is 5 year old. 4. Be forom?没这个...

1. How old are you? I am 7 years old. 2. How far from your home to go to work? It will take me half an hour walk there. 3. How often do your family go shopping ? We usually go shopping once a week. 4.How mang??这是中文吗?应该...


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