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At 6 yEArs olD造句

你好! at 6 years old造句: Her brother was borned at her 6 years old.

two years old 只可以做 表语 意思是 两岁如 I am two years old. two-year-old 只可以做 定语 意思是 两岁的如 I am a two-year-old boy. 但不可以互换。 定语是修饰名词的,不管是主语还是宾语,只要是名词都可以用定语修饰,定语一般有形容词...

I don't know how old he is, but he looks well over/past forty.我不知道他多少岁,但是他看上去有四十多岁了。 I'd like to know how old the manager is.我想知道经理有多大年纪。 May I be so bold as to ask how old you are?可否冒昧问一...

years old [词典] …岁(指年龄); [例句]Her son is three years old. 她儿子三岁了。

ose. As soon as he wassatisfied that all was well, he laid

How old are you?

me is younger than you. you is old than me

为您解答 在某人。。岁的时候 When she was six years old, she could dive in deep water already. 在她六岁时,已经可以深潜了。

请采纳 1、Without permission, the visitors are not allowed to go in 2、The poor old man stared at the food in the restaurant. 3、It's so rude to burst in the room without knocking the door 4、If we would have a business trip, w...

I went to visit a 74-year-old woman who had been in bed for 40 years 。怎么造句 句子中文意思:我去探望了一个为卧床40年的一个74岁老妇人 改写成下面句子 I went to pay a visit to a 74-year-old woman who had been in bed for forty years


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