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BE in gooD hEAlth造句

if you want to be heathy, you must take more exercise and have less food.

是分别用每个单词造句还是这几个单词组成一个句子? Fame is not very important. Loss of health is more serious than loss of wealth. She talked at us about her family life. He has tried and won her friendship. It's bad for your hea...

1,I realize it is important to learn English well. 2,We should consider the weather if we want to go out. 3,To eat more furits is health to our body. 4,Can you find out the the right answer? 5,We must go even though it is very ...

是分别的造句么? 1.Pupils in our schools are taught in a safe, secure environment我们学校的学生在安全无虑的环境中接受教育。 2.He wanted her mother to be in good health.他希望她的母亲健康。 3.he moral characters of men are forme...


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