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BE in gooD hEAlth造句

if you want to be heathy, you must take more exercise and have less food.

是分别的造句么? 1.Pupils in our schools are taught in a safe, secure environment我们学校的学生在安全无虑的环境中接受教育。 2.He wanted her mother to be in good health.他希望她的母亲健康。 3.he moral characters of men are forme...

Fresh air and exercise are good for the health. 新鲜空气和运动有益于健康。

be good for 1.适于,在…期间有效 2.适于,在……期间有效 3.对……有好处 4.对…有益 举例:1.What was good enough for our predecessors can never be good for us, because we live in different conditions and are different people. 适合前人...

Vegetebles is good for our health 蔬菜对我们的健康有好处

有利于的英语:be good for,in favour of,make ...contributes to good health 有利于健康 Sustainable ...用有利于造句: 1、The thing is to go say is ...

Mr Tung has resigned for health reasons. I believe he has been sincere and he will win the understanding of people in Hong Kong and respect of the central government.

Temperament can impact a person's physical health Good sexual health may mean better physical health.



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