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BE in gooD hEAlth造句

be in good health: 身体健康;身体状况良好;身体好 例句: He wanted her mother to be in good health. 他希望她的母亲健康。 Now I am in good health and high spirits . 现在我很健康,精神也好极了。 My grandmother is in good health....

To keep in good health, you should eat less meat and try to do a lot of exercise.

Mr Tung has resigned for health reasons. I believe he has been sincere and he will win the understanding of people in Hong Kong and respect of the central government.

I can't do the homework without any help I will give up if no one help me I can get into the entress directly Just go though the forest Don't speak loudly in public there are all kinds of birds in the forest I have earned lots ...

1. Let's drink to your health. 让我们为你的健康干杯。 2. I'll drink to your health. 为你的健康干杯。 3. Allow me to drink to your health. 请允许我为你的健康干杯。 4. Let`s drink to your health! 让我们为你的健康干杯吧!

有利于的英语:be good for,in favour of,make ...contributes to good health 有利于健康 Sustainable ...用有利于造句: 1、The thing is to go say is ...


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