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BE with you是什么意思

be with you 和你在一起;在你身边;借着雨点说爱你 例句 1. When a person started out on a journey, his friends might say with good reason, "God be with you. " 当一个人开始了旅程,他的朋友有很好的理由,可能会说“上帝保佑你”。 2. Ma...

I will be with you的意思是我会和你在一起。 I是主语。 will be是动词词组。 with you 则是一个介词词组,形容will be。

跟你在一起。在你身边。与你同在。 I am always with you. 我一直在你身边(旁)。

星球大战电影系列里有一句经典台词"May the Force be with you”(愿力量与你同在),英文的发音近似"May the fourth be with you"(愿4号与你同在)。因此每年的五月四日(May fourth)被星战的粉丝定为“星球大战日”。

be with you 意思是:和你在一起 以下双语例句: 1.I want to be with you. 我想和你在一起。 2.Decide what your expectations are, and don't be insulted when your growing child doesn't always want to be with you. 你需要确定你的期望值...

著名电影 星球大战 中的台词 翻译成中文是 愿原力与你同在 绝地武士掌握的能量就是 原力

be with you,和你在一起; [例句]I'll be with you in an instant.我即刻就来。 It is a great honour to be with you at this evening party.今天很荣幸能参加你们的晚会。 Don't give up we'll ...

BE WITH YOU 网络 和你在一起; [例句]I'll be with you in an instant. 我即刻就来。

To Be With You 中文意思:(歌曲名) 与你同在; 例句 I long to be with you. 我渴望和你在一起。 with [英][wɪð][美][wɪθ] prep.随着; 和,跟; 关于; 和…一致; 例句 I can't go with you. 我不能和你一起去

i wanna be with you翻译中文:我要和你在一起。 歌曲名:I Wanna Be With You 歌手:Mandy Moore Mandy Moore - I Wanna Be With You I try but I can't seem to get myself to think of Anything but you Your breath on my face, your warm gen...


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