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今天真棒 awesome[英][ˈɔ:səm][美][ˈɔsəm] adj.可怕的; 令人敬畏的; 使人畏惧的; 极好的;

wake up, be awesome, go back to sleep. 醒来,过炫酷的的一天,睡觉。 be awesome 是一种通俗的讲法,大约意思就是‘美好’,’酷‘,’没烦恼‘,‘肆意’的意思。


July 24, 2012By Teach_Tec This is one of the occasional guest posts that happen here at @TeachTec. Today it's my pleasure to feature educator Kim Sivick (@ksivick), a technology coordinator at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy i...

today Girl you say that you don’t wanna talk but it’s cool I’ve ...t know 我爱你的女孩,但我只是不知道 i don’t wanna be hurt no more ...


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